Our GenesisYep, we rock !

Let’s admit it.

The best of the best, and the rest, want to work for a company that is ‘cool’ and inspiring. This is the new deal, where money and designation no longer rule the roost. With options galore chasing scarce talent, becoming and being a cool and caring employer, is now a topline and bottomline necessity.

And obviously, saying “we are cool” is not enough. Actions should speak louder than words.

Liferenew is a new age company, founded by seasoned urban professionals, working to transform today’s high-stress workplaces into cool, purposeful and positive energy zones. Our mission is to make workplace, a ‘Fun Place’.

And do so, seriously and meaningfully.

Now, how can fun be serious and meaningful? And, if it is serious and meaningful, is it fun anymore?

Does seem like a case of ‘East is east, west is west and the twain shall never meet’. But, we decided to defy this adage, and one balmy winter morning three years back, the die was cast to shape what Liferenew is today. Having suffered ‘Monday Blues’ and ‘Dull Wednesdays’ as corporate executives ourselves for many years, before we decided to hang up our boots and high heels, it was easy to figure out what’s missing. And the rest, as they say, fell into place on its own.

We have been working with some of the coolest companies, doing cool work, and managed to get the Mojo back in the lives of thousands of urban professionals and dozens of workplaces already.

We welcome you on a journey, which has just started…. Liferenew Goals

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